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    Mirai's Application

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    Mirai's Application Empty Mirai's Application

    Post by Mirai on 7/24/2013, 10:00 pm

    Name: Mirai Wakaba
    Age: Unknown, possibly 11 - 13
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: Unkown
    Personality: Hot-headed and very loud, Mirai has a tempter that others can't usually control. She thinks highly of herself, but is still a kind girl. She also gets distracted easily if she's around Saki.
    Color: Pink
    Wish: To build a museum to house her teddy bears
    Location: Asunaro City, Angelica Bears
    Friends: Saki Asami, Michiru Kazusa (Kazumi), Kaoru Maki, Umika Misaki, Satomi Usagi, Niko Kanna,
    Enemies: Ayase Souju, Luca Souju
    Neutral: Everyone else that's not listed.
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